ActivityEngine - Web-Based Activity
Reservation System and Tour Operator Software
ActivityEngine - Web-Based Activity
Reservation System and Tour Operator SoftwareActivityEngine - Web-Based Activity
Reservation System and Tour Operator Software
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What kind of technical support do you offer?
In the unlikely event that you experience technical problems, trained ActivityEngine staff will respond within two hours or less (7am - 10pm MST).

What are my computer system requirements?
ActivityEngine runs via the Internet—not your local computer. All you need is 1) a web browser e.g. Internet Explorer and 2) Adobe Acrobat (both are free to download).

What kind of Internet connection do I need?
While high-speed Internet access is recommended, ActivityEngine works well with 56K dial-up. The reliability and quality of your connection is actually more important than the speed of your connection.

What happens if I cannot access ActivityEngine?
Computer problems: We recommend that you have a second computer that can be used to access the Internet. Since ActivityEngine does not actually run on your computers, no information will be lost if your primary computer experiences problems. Internet problems: We recommend that you set-up an alternate method of connecting to the Internet such as a dial-up Internet access account.

Do I need to be a computer expert?
Certainly not. By navigating to this FAQ you can already consider yourself to have all the required skills to use ActivityEngine. Comprehensive training and support is also offered to make sure you get the most out of the software.

Will I need to redesign my website?
There is no need to redesign your website to use ActivityEngine. You simply need to add a link to the booking request form which can easily be done by your web designer or even by yourself if you know a little about web page coding.

The Internet is great, but I still want to take bookings over the telephone or in person. How does this work with ActivityEngine?
Bookings can be manually entered into the system so you can track all of your availability in one place. You simply type the information you normally take off customers into a straightforward web-based form. If you need to send confirmation to your customers by post, it's easy to print off receipts within ActivityEngine.

How will my customers know that the booking process is safe?
The booking process is protected by using sophisticated encryption techniques that means data is scrambled as it is being transmitted over the Internet. Your customers will easily be able to tell that they are on a secure website when they are entering their personal information by looking for the padlock icon on the status bar of their web browser.

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